orn in São Paulo - Brazil, headed companies that act in the fields of metal-working; communication; business and organizational consultation and strategic management.

Educated in Law
                    Universidade Mackenzie

Postgraduate in Business Administration
                    Universidade São Judas Tadeu

MBA - Master in Business Administration - Marketing
                    Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Organizational Psychology
                    Adam Smith University of America, USA

Advanced Negotiation
                    University of California at Berkeley, USA

Projects Management
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

Leadership Based on People
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

Extension in Strategies and Abilities of Negociation
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

Developing Breakthrough Pricing Strategies
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

Building and Developing High Performance Teams
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

Market Intelligence
                    University of Richmond at Virginia, USA

reator and executor of the People's Factory Project, which in its 19 years of existence has brought back into society 3000 street children via work and professional specialization. A project recognized internationally, it has received diverse mentions and congratulations within Brazil and abroad, and also in the field of human resources.

onference participant - Recognized nationally and internationally, during his career he has spoken in diverse faculties, schools, entities, companies, public organs, fairs, congresses, seminars, conventions and other events.
eminar provider - The holding of seminars destined towards reformulation of businesses and companies, such as the integration and development of staff in processes of change and growth in the present market, aiming at profit targets. His business and organizational development processes do much more than turn companies and people into winners, he prepares companies and people to win and remain winners. With the vision of a spiritual leader in a corporate world, the content of these seminars transforms grains of sand into pearls.
profound knowledge of people - With a life dedicated to internal growth and development, he shares his experiences with all the breadth of life he has occupied, making himself a person with the sensitivity to detect problems and suggest solutions in the emotional, social, company and organizational fields. In his events all his vision and transforming force are observed, capable of making people and organizations not only become profitable but also humanized and spiritualized.
olumnist - He has his articles on company and organizational consultations published weekly in newspapers and magazines, and also reproduced and cited in diverse other publications on the editorial market.