older of seminars directed towards reformulating businesses and companies, such as the integration and development of staff in the process of change and growth in the present market, aiming at profit targets. His process of organizational development prepares companies and people to win and remain winners. With the vision of a spiritual leader in a corporate world, in his seminars he transforms grains into pearls.

his conference-holder is going to change the lives of his public and transform your company into a socially humanized and profitable organization.

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  • ynopsis of seminars:

    Developing integrated and committed teams - Individuality is part of a management style with no space in the vision of new organizations, where imposed authority definitively dies and conquered authority also prevails. In present-day administration, the achievements needed to give the power of transformation have to involve all those committed to the business, making them an integral part of the whole. After all, a single arrow is easily broken, whereas a sheaf of arrows requires much more force to break it and it resists much better the forces imposed on it to change its physical state and actions. Individual victories are passing changes that do not become permanently integrated into the process of growth and development of organizations.

    Working with pleasure leads to efficiency - When making an analysis of the collaborators in an organization, it can easily be seen that a large number of them are there only to work and fulfill their obligations because of the need to survive. Discovering the true aptitudes of the collaborators and reallocating them in functions specifically linked to their true capacities for action will make each person much more efficient and committed with the constant learning. The result will be pleasure through cooperation that will bring results in the development and action of the organization in the market, a radical change that will be prosperous, permanent and profitable.

    The socially humanized company becomes profitable - Emphasizing the Japanese model of action, it can be seen that there is an involvement by organizations with their collaborators that extends beyond the gates, an involvement leading right to their homes and which accompanies them in all the places they go to. Development and progress do not solely exist within a given company, but they have to extend to the limits where the products and services can reach. The internal and external socialization of a company puts feelings and humanized effects into each particle of its permanence and existence in the market, resulting in profits that go well beyond the numbers and can provide results that also go well beyond the balance sheet columns.

    How to administrate risk and be successful - In the midst of the great economic changes in the country, there are many new facts resulting from emerging situations that demand rapid and decisive measures from the businessman or executive. These have as their objective the leveling and placing of the organization's objectives in a superior position. Administrating the risks, overcoming them and drawing useful lessons from them for the development of the company are the priorities of the leader and those he leads.

    Living is the art of realizing dreams - Nowadays, people live in the following manner: administrate your problems, suffocate in your frustrations and shelve your dreams. It is fundamental that people and companies should not construct cemeteries of dreams in their paths, but rather a field of dreams achieved. How to dream and fulfill these dreams in the personal and business fields requires much more than simple desire. It demands effort, dedication and determination.

    Constructing a leader - Leadership, seen as a process, is associated with the creation of a vision of the future. Many organizations still confuse a high level executive with a leader. The true leader creates strategies, determines the direction in which the company must advance and succeeds in getting his subordinates to follow him by convincing them of the authenticity of his ideas. Increasingly, leadership in companies is not exercised by a single person, but rather must come from many people. Things are happening too fast for just one person to lead.

    Your future depends on you - Everything that an organization or a person is right now has simply come about because of previous happenings whose results gave rise to the present situation. Of course, nobody can get to grips with administration problems overnight. There are many factors that are dismissed during the planning process as never having a chance of occurring to a given person or organization. Preparing for the future depends on what we do today, as the future has its foundation in the present.

    Creating goals and visions for development - There is no point in having a compass in your backpack as you wander through the market if you do not know how to identify your present position using the instrument. Of course you will get nowhere. The creation and implementation of goals and visions for development is the canteen of water in the organizational desert of the economic and financial survival of the institution.

    Cheerfulness, happiness and dedication also bring profits - Measuring the profits of a company by the numbers on the balance sheet does not in the present-day economy signify being in an advantageous position. After all, it is easy to administer with positive balances in the midst of so many changes and uncertainties. Cheerfulness, happiness and dedication have to be included in the social capital of the company. In times of trouble and indecision, it is these components that are going to substitute for the cash balance and bring back the profits, and in times of positive balances, it is these components that maintain or increase this balance. A vehicle company in Japan was not making any sales and its vehicles were stacked up in yards and the company was ready to close. All the collaborators were dedicated, feeling cheerful and happy to work in this company and did not accept the closure. They met together and decided that everyone should leave their posts and turn themselves into door-to-door vehicle salesmen. This happened, and in only a few months the yards were empty and the company regained its market.

    Quality of life, an ally of the winners - Research has shown that the average age reached by Brazilians is around 75 years. However, during their lives, people let themselves become the victims of processes that cause harm to their expectation of life, putting them into a state of personal, moral, professional and social abandonment. All manner of existence only turns into real life when its source of strength becomes valued via recognition and accomplishment of attitudes that put into action techniques of Quality of Life. Centering your energy in your real tendencies and aptitudes generates factors that permit you to overcome the barriers of the personal and company universe, resulting in the performance of reinvigoration, meaning that you or your company is acting with Quality of Life. This is the only process of professional or company action that provides benefits for all those involved and has the power of prolonging the time of people and organizations, generating creative, productive, profitable and winning attitudes.

    Intellect is the capital of the future - The accounting and fixed values of organizations no longer represent their value in the market nor necessarily the real value of their capital, just as they do not offer many indications about their present competitiveness or the possibility of future profits in an organization. Companies can no longer be evaluated by their capacity to expand their territory for material or accounting action. The processes that evaluate the new organizations are measured by responsiveness, creativity, intensive knowledge, application of information, social commitment and investment in intellectual capital, as the factors that are going to script the future of the corporate world. Highlighting the real value of an organization and discovering its internal values will be the propelling force for companies that wish to act in the sphere of this new world market.

    Sales strategies, conquering and maintaining clients - In other times, it was said that to be a salesman was a vocation, but nowadays to be a salesman only as a vocation is impossible. The art of selling has undergone many changes. It has been following the development of markets and like them, requiring many more abilities, training and learning. It is not enough to know how to sell. A commercial relationship no longer ends when the product is purchased: it is just beginning. Creating strategies for personalized sales, conquering clients and maintaining them make the new salesman an exchange agent in this economy of placing products for consumption. This talk prepares your team to practice the age-old art of selling, with precepts for these new times of expansion of people and products in this universe of action that is increasingly competitive, making the team much more creative, united, participatory and dynamic, bringing positive results to those involved.

    Personalized projects - By means of the presentation of a case of an organization and focus it intends to direct towards the target population, a theme will be developed that specifically touches on and directs its content towards the topics intended.